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Who Am I?

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I knew from the time I was sixteen that I wanted to do birth work. It wasn’t until my own journey to motherhood that I discovered the path I was meant to take.

When I was 14 weeks pregnant I found out that what was thought to be one baby was in fact two!  Many of my options changed drastically. My midwife turned into an obstetrician, the warmly light room turned into a cold bright operating room and my babies stayed in the hospital longer than I did.  Without my doula, these realities would have been overwhelming.

I experienced a birth far different than what I had pictured and that has inspired me to become not only a doula but a doula who focuses on multiples and high risk.  I can help a mother and her partner have the tools they need to still feel empowered in the birth process, no matter the road actually traveled

Relevant Qualifications
  • Previous life as a nationally registered Paramedic: attended a minimum of 10 births at UVA and even assisted in a C-section. 
  • Finishing doula certification with ToLabor and training to be a FullCircle Placenta encapsulation specialist [in 2015].
  • Volunteer with Birth Matters Virginia and attend Charlottesville’s Birth Circle on a regular basis.
  • Emergency Health Sciences degree
  • Mother of twin toddlers and co-parent to a teenager
  • Breastfed twin toddlers for 2 years
  • Bereavement training [2015]
Your personal journey in birth is very important to me I respect that it is your journey and will work with what’s best for your family.
January 2018
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