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 “I wanted to learn more about natural childbirth but simply could not fit a class into our family’s schedule while I worked during the day, my husband worked many evenings, and we were keeping up with our toddler.  The information Reagan gave me during our prenatal visits helped me feel prepared for labor and delivery.  I felt more confident that I could make it through the experience knowing that I had her support.  It was reassuring to have someone a part of the process who knew much more about the birth process than my husband or me, someone who would be by our side as we faced the “what do we do now?” moments.  When we first went to the hospital, labor slowed down and we were sent home.  Reagan helped me push away thoughts of guilt for the early morning active labor false alarm.  During the most intense portions of labor, just knowing that Reagan was available for me helped me feel stronger.  I knew she had a wealth of knowledge that she could draw from if my husband and I reached a point where we didn’t know how to handle the situation. I wish I had chosen to have a doula with my first baby and am so glad that I had Reagan there with my second.”  –Margaret, December 2014

“When we arrived at the hospital the second time, it was comforting to have Reagan at the door ready to greet us with good advice to help my wife resist the urge to push.  She had tips for my wife that I didn’t think of during the intense drive to the hospital.  It took the pressure off of me when I didn’t know what to do.  It was also helpful to have Reagan’s perspective after delivery as we processed the whole experience.”  – Nate, December 2014

“Reagan was great. She really listened to me and respected what we had discussed in our meetings, while also adapting to the nuances and surprises of labor. I really appreciated all of the information I had going into labor- It helped ease the stress of the situation. We did many of the techniques we had discussed- visualization, scented oils, massage, and that also helped. Reagan did a fantastic job in balancing the birthplace we discussed with my new demands as a woman in labor. She never made me feel guilty about any of my decisions; she supported me and my husband throughout the process, helping  us have the birth experience we wanted within the confines of the hospital, doctor’s wishes etc. It was also very helpful how much she supported my husband by helping him to eat/drink, taking over so he could get some sleep, and standing in as a cheerleader when he was too tired. I was lucky to have such a rock star team!” Lydia Gaya mother to twin girls born January 2015
“We loved working with Reagan! She exhibited the perfect level of professionalism for such an intimate occasion; she was kind, insightful, available, well-informed, and totally personable. She put a lot of time and effort into understanding our vision  regarding this birth and she was invaluable in helping us achieve it. We absolutely recommend her services as a birth doula and wouldn’t think twice about hiring her for future births.
– LS, July 2015
Baby born vaginally to an unmedicated mother at MJH, 9lbs 8oz”
Choosing Reagan as our doula was one of the most important and fulfilling decisions my husband and I made regarding our son’s birth. What we originally hoped would be an “as close to natural as possible birth” ended up with hospital stay at 33 weeks and an eventual C-section at 36 weeks. Reagan guided, educated and supported us along the way. My blood pressure started to increase over the course of the pregnancy and by week 33 I was hospitalized and told I would be held in the hospital until 34 weeks when I would have an emergency C-section. My husband and I were scared, anxious and thought this was our only option. Thanks to Reagan’s experience we made the choice to switch hospitals, which was a critical decision that resulted in finding a doctor that was able to control my blood pressure enough with medicine that I got three more weeks out of my pregnancy and delivered via C-section at 36 weeks and 6 days to a healthy baby boy. Reagan was by our side for hours and hours for both hospital stays. She literally held my hand during labor and provided much needed emotional support for my husband while we experienced stressful experience after stressful experience. When I think back to labor, I first think of my husband and my son and the pride and awe I felt upon giving birth, and then I think of Reagan and her strength, calm, sense of humor, and how we couldn’t have done it without her.
– Molly O’Halloran, October 2015


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